Story Line
After MadBunny has created the addictive carrot mutation that drove all the bunnies insane, they all needed a place where they could farm these marvelous carrots. After months of navigating, Marco, the most experienced navigator bunny, found the island of Madville 🏝. This isolated piece of heaven had everything: sun all over the year, a volcano on which a geothermal power plant could be built, and most importantly, fertile soil for their mutant carrot.
Now, the bunnies are rushing on getting a piece of land and building the farm they dreamt of. There is, however, a twist... the Carrot Lords. They won't accept these bunnies to have all the carrots for themselves, therefore a tax was collectively imposed so that each bunny will need to pay a percentage of their farmed XCRT to them.

A glimpse of Madville πŸ”Š


The alpha version of the island is available at: This version is purely aesthetic and will serve as the initial model for the Metaverse world.
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