Stash House
As we approach the 100% mint target, 40 ETH* from the sale revenue will be transferred to the Bunnies Cartel Stash House.
The funds will be split in the following way:
  • 25 ETH will be donated to our cause
  • 15 ETH will be used for in-game rewards
50% of the royalties will be redirected to the Stash House.
*The amount will be based on the total number of bunnies minted. The above sum represents the ideal 100% mint scenario, the actual sum will be adjusted proportionally based on sales.


The Bunnies Cartel team is aiming to create a place where everyone can seek advice when needed. Therefore, our cause is focused on raising awareness and openness when it comes to drugs addiction and recovery.
Besides weekly Spaces with professionals, special collaborations with artists and a Safe Space in Madville, a 25 ETH donation will be made after the sale.

In-Game Rewards

The funds will be used to encourage players in participating in Metaverse tournaments for a chance of winning exciting rewards. The first tournaments will be organized in PvP: Carrot Brawlers​
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